SWS takes talents as the primary resource in the enterprise development and provides vast development space for who aspires to be a talented personnel of China Shipbuilding Industry.

Company pays equal attention to both select talent in-house and attract talent to optimize team work by out-sourcing.

Our comprehension of career planning

Carrier Planning is a kind of positive and continuous process.  It helps every employee to improve their professional ability and inspire career passion while contributing to realize the company’s achievement.

Why should us focus on the Career Planning

Meeting the needs of employees, maintaining a high level of their engagement and initiative are the key elements of a company to realize the business objective. In an ever-changing market, what crucial is continuing to improve employee vocational skill and keeping initiative study condition.  For an employee, Career is a continual evaluation, exploration and a process of grow up.  The grow up means one will be promoted to a new position with improvement of competence in whose current position.

How does company design multiple career paths for employees?

SWS provides a large development space and transparent carrier development guidance as form a management mechanism to support employees for their career development.

SWS also set up a proper promotion system for your promotion, whatever you’re a manager, a technician or even an operator.