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Two vessels delivered consecutively in SWS


On January 29tha 7000TEU container vessel, "ONE RECOGNITION", which was built by SWS, a subsidiary of CSSC, in collaboration with CSTD for Seaspan Corporation, has been named and delivered. The next dayJanuary 30th),a 190K DWT dual-fuel LNG bulk carrier "Ubuntu Sincerity" was named and delivered to Singapore's Anglo American (AASPL) in SWS .

"ONE RECOGNITION" adopts the design of new generation of medium-sized container vessels of SDARI, with a length of 272 meters, a breadth of 42.8 meters, a depth of 24.6 meters, a draught of 15 meters at full load, and a deadweight tonnage of more than 83,500 tons. The ship adopts "S-BOW" , and the hull shape has been optimized according to the ship owner's operating characteristics by different weights of multiple drafts and multiple speeds, and is equipped with low-energy main engines, high-efficiency propellers, full-suspension twisted rudders and energy-saving ducts, and energy-saving windshields on the bow, which greatly optimizes the performance of fuel consumption to meet the requirements of the third-stage energy-efficiency design index (EEDI). It meets the requirements of EEDI and NOx Tier III emission standards, and is equipped with a hybrid desulphurization device, making it a green and environmentally friendly container vessel.


“Ubuntu Sincerity" is a new generation of dual-fuel-powered vessel with independent intellectual property right independently developed and designed by SWS. The ship has a length of 299.80 meters, a beam of 47.5 meters, a depth of 24.70 meters, a design draft of 18.25 meters and a design draft speed of 14 knots. The ship adopts LNG fuel and is equipped with two C-type LNG fuel tanks. Under the LNG fuel mode, it basically eliminates the emission of particles and sulfur compounds, and the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is reduced by 45% compared with the baseline, which meets the requirements of the Stage IV specification of International Maritime Organization(IMO), and has the features like "green, environmental protection, energy saving and safety".