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SWS continues to set new records for the year! Another 7000TEU container vessel was delivered.


"X-PRESS PISCES", a 7000TEU container vessel built by SWS, a subsidiary of CSSC, for X-PRESS FEEDERS GROUP, was successfully delivered on November 17th. Following the completion of its annual completion and delivery targets ahead of schedule on November 6th, SWS continues to set new records for the year, having completed and delivered 23 high-quality Merchant vessels and offshore products.


“X-PRESS PISCES” is the second ship built by SWS in a remote location after the delivery of its sister ship “EA CHARA”. In order to explore the feasibility of remote shipbuilding business and fully tap market potential, SWS has formed a subsidiary team of elites to undertake the task of exploring new paths for remote shipbuilding.

The successful trial of remote shipbuilding business has laid a good foundation for SWS to further develop in the field of shipbuilding, accumulated valuable experience, and also trained a group of teams who are accomplished in shipbuilding and can win battles.