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​Cruise Ship Makes Life Better! The Second SOFIC & 2023 SWS FORUM was successfully held



The Second Shipbuilding & Offshore Forum on Fusion of Financial and Industrial Capital (SOFIC) and 2023 SWS Forum was successfully held on November 16th. The forum, themed "Cruise Ship Makes Life Better," took place on China’s first domestically built large cruise ship, “Adora Magic City”. Over 150 listed companies' secretaries and executives from all over the country attended the forum.


Industry experts delivered weighty keynote speeches, providing comprehensive and vivid explanations from the perspectives of large cruise ship construction, industrial development, technological innovation, and industry driving force. In-depth discussions on global economy and the development of listed companies in 2024 were carried out. During the forum, the most influential ship of CSSC holdings during 2022-2023 and the second Legendary Secretary Medal have been released. “Adora Magic City”, China’s first domestically built large cruise ship received the title of the most socially influential ship.


Since its establishment in 1999, SWS has held 23 SWS Forums in its 24-year history. SWS has always adhered to the goal of "First in China and leading in the world" and has gradually grown into one of the largest, most modernized, specialized, and influential shipbuilding companies in the industry, with great efforts and unwavering dedication.


Generation after generation, the people of SWS have embraced the deep blue dream, pursued their original mission, bravely stood at the forefront of reform, led the industry, and created extraordinary achievements in development.

Up until now, SWS's main indicators, such as business contracting, operating revenue, and delivered vessels, have all exceeded its annual goal for the whole year of 2023. The business contracting completion rate has reached 300%, and the operating revenue is expected to achieve a historic record. The total number of delivered vessels is as high as 22, including China’s first domestically built large cruise ship, 11 7,000TEU container vessels, 7 190K DWT dual fuel bulk carriers, 2 Aframax oil tankers, and 1 generic Fast4ward® Multi Purpose Floater Hull.


Dancing with the times, keeping pace with the industry. SWS will continue to seize opportunities with the "SWS Forum," collaboratively create new advantages and achievements for high-quality development with partners from various sectors!