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“Adora Magic City”, China's first domestically built large cruise ship has successfully completed its final sea trial voyage


On the afternoon of September 12th, the highly anticipated "Adora Magic City" was skillfully berthed at Dock No. 4 of SWS, a subsidiary of CSSC, under the towage of multiple tugs. CSSC solemnly announced that after a six-day, five-night journey covering 1630 nautical miles, all validation projects for the final sea trial voyage of China's first domestically built large cruise ship have been successfully completed, marking a triumphant milestone and signaling that it is close to picking the "last crown pearls" of the shipbuilding industry.


Throughout the entire sea trial voyage process, all participating personnel collaborated and cooperated seamlessly. They adhered strictly to the trial outline, technical specifications, and timeline, maintaining a fast-paced and highly efficient work environment. They ensured that testing and validation were conducted meticulously and in an orderly manner, with clear daily plans and execution.

On September 7th, at eleven thirty in the morning, the "Adora Magic City" cast off and departed from the SWS to embark on its final sea trial. At two o'clock in the early morning of September 8th, one of the key test projects, the "MGO changeover HFO" test of the main engine, passed the acceptance test, successfully commencing this sea trial.


In order to ensure the safe, orderly, and efficient conduct of the final sea trial, the project team of the " Adora Magic City " played a unique role as the command center. Daily morning and evening coordination meetings were organized, gathered responsible personnel and experts from shipowner, class society team, contractors, service providers, and others. They checked and coordinated the acceptance and implementation plans for the current and following day's trials, ensuring on-the-spot resolution of issues without delay or procrastination. This greatly improved the efficiency of the final sea trial.


With the joint efforts of the final sea trial team, various tests such as Speed Test, Endurance Test, UMS Test, Automation-Intelligent Power Management System, General Alarm Audibility, and Magnetic Compass Compensation were conducted in a synchronized and orderly manner, and each test was successfully accepted.


In a short span of six days and five nights, the final sea trial team strictly followed the sea trial plan and conducted various test validations. A total of 88 test items were completed, involving 31 debugging procedures, comprehensively verifying the cruise's maneuvering performance, automation level, navigational safety and comfort, as well as related emission standards. The test results indicate that the performance indicators of the China's first domestically built large cruise ship, "Adora Magic City," comply with relevant regulations and specifications, meeting the requirements of the contract and technical specifications. They have received confirmation from the shipowner and class society team, and the final sea trial achieved a successful outcome. This means that the "Adora Magic City" is now ready for navigation, laying a solid foundation for its naming, delivery, and operation by the end of the year.


It is particularly noteworthy that this sea trial set a new record with 1,339 people participating in the sea trial of the merchant vessel. Among them, 102 foreign engineers came from 12 different countries.

As we all know, aircraft carriers, large cruise ships, and large LNG carriers are hailed as the "Three Crown Pearls" of the global shipbuilding industry. They represent the highest level of the maritime industry and symbolize a country's comprehensive strength. Among them, large cruise ships are often regarded as the epitome of the industrial field. They embody the fusion of modern industry and cultural arts, combining high-end manufacturing and service industries.


As one of the most challenging ship types to design and construct, large cruise ship is currently the only high-tech, high-value-added maritime product that China has not yet conquered. "Building our own large cruise ship" has been the long-cherished aspiration of several generations of Chinese shipbuilders.


For a long time, the research and development, design, construction technology, and supply chain system of large cruise ship have been monopolized by a few European countries. Nowadays, CSSC insists on following the path of introduction, digestion, absorption, and innovation. Through the breakthrough of large cruise ship assembly and construction, relying on industry-leading technological strength and innovative capabilities, CSSC gathers global resources and explores the development path of the entire industry chain to promote the cruise industry. Efforts have been made to construct a high-quality and high-level domestic cruise ship industry ecosystem, achieving breakthroughs from scratch, filling technological gaps, and becoming the second pole in large cruise ship construction outside of Europe. This showcases the strong capability of Chinese shipbuilders in challenging complex mega-system engineering projects and demonstrates China's comprehensive national strength.