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SWS delivered two 7,000 TEU container vessels consecutively


On September 7th and 8th, SWS consecutively delivered two 7,000 TEU container vessels built for Singaporean shipowner X-PRESS. They are the sixth vessel " X-PRESS CASSIOPEIA" and the seventh vessel " EA CHARA" in the series of 7,000 TEU container vessels built for X-PRESS.



The vessel "X-PRESS CASSIOPEIA" is registered with ABS classification society. It has a total length of 272 meters, a molded breadth of 42.8 meters, and a molded depth of 24.6 meters, a designed draft of 13 meters, a designed speed of 21.0 knots, and is equipped with MAN 7G80ME-C10.5 main engine to meet TIER III and EEDI III regulations.



The vessel " EA CHARA" has a length of 272.5 meters, a molded breadth of 42.8 meters, and a molded depth of 24.6 meters, and a designed draft of 13.0 meters. It is a new generation medium-sized container vessel designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute, equipped with 800 reefer plugs. It incorporates environmentally friendly design principles, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and air pollutants. The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) of the vessel fulfills the latest requirements for all three phases, and it is equipped with an Open-Type Seawater Scrubbers to comply with Tier Ⅲ regulations.

Compared to large container vessels, this vessel offers excellent maneuverability, better fuel efficiency, and higher container capacity, making it a preferred choice for major container operators.

It is worth mentioning that the vessel " EA CHARA" is the first ship constructed and delivered by the SWS subsidiary team in a different location, representing the team's initial end-to-end shipbuilding capabilities. The construction process of this ship was affected by various factors such as the pandemic and external environmental changes. However, with the overall coordination of the company and strong support from the shipowner, class society team, and relevant parties, all departments overcame numerous difficulties and completed the production tasks on schedule. They also improved the lunching and sea trial integrity of the vessel to a high level, creating conditions for a prompt delivery after the sea trial. This achievement has received unanimous praise from the site team and the shipowner.