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​Record-breaking! SWS has set a new benchmark for mass production with different vessels constructed simultaneously in one dock


On August 20th, three main merchant vessels——7,000 TEU container vessels, 114K DWT Aframax oil tanker and 190K DWT dual-fuel Capesize bulk carrier, constructed by SWS achieved a new record by completing four major production milestones simultaneously in the same dock. This accomplishment signifies a breakthrough in the “mass production” new model with different vessels constructed simultaneously in one dock, setting a new pace for fast and high-quality production of SWS .


It is reported that the four major production milestones completed simultaneously in the same dock were the launching of the first two 7,000 TEU container vessels for Seaspan Corporation(Canada), the floating of the third 114K DWT Aframax oil tanker for ENESEL S.A.(Greece) and the fifth 190K DWT dual-fuel Capesize bulk carrier for AASPL (Singapore). This is the first time in the history of SWS that three types of four vessels have been constructed simultaneously in one dock, with two vessels fully launched and two semi vessels floated.


SWS is a successful example of mass production shipbuilding not only in China but also globally, with a record of delivering 320 Capesize bulk carriers. The innovation of the semi-serial construction model of four Capesize bulk carriers attracted widespread attention and praise from the industry in 2004. Now, the success of constructing three types of four vessels simultaneously in one dock with a semi-serial construction model once again demonstrates the spirit of innovation and making breakthrough of SWS.


Furthermore, on August 21st, another 7,000 TEU container vessel was named and delivered. So far this year, SWS has delivered a total of 15 vessels, including 7 dual-fuel Capesize bulk carriers, 1 Fast4Ward® FPSO, 2 Aframax oil tankers, and 5 7,000 TEU container vessels, accounting for 80% of the annual plan. Currently, there are 22 7,000 TEU container vessels in construction at SWS, and 5 of them are planned to be delivered before the end of the year, a total of 10 ships to be delivered throughout the year, aiming to establish a global brand in this specific market segment.