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SWS enters dual ships construction era with 2nd China-made cruise ship’s kick-off


The second Made-in-China large cruise ship officially began steel cutting at SWS on August 8th,2022. The large cruise ships are not only an important carrier to meet people's yearning for a better life, but also have the attributes of opening up and promoting exchanges as a "city at sea".



CSSC signed a 135,000-ton Vista class large cruise ship design and construction contract on November 6th, 2018 with Carnival, the World's Most Popular Cruise Line, and Italy Fincantieri Group, the world's largest cruise ship builder.

In order to meet the stability requirements of SOLAS 2020, the ship H1509 is 17.4 meters longer than the first large cruise ship-H1508, with a total hull length of 341 meters, a moulded breadth of 37.2 meters, a total tonnage of about 142,000, a design draught of 8.17 meters, a maximum draught of 8.4 meters, a maximum navigation speed of 22.7 nautical miles per hour, and 2,144 passenger compartments, an increase of 19 compared with the first large cruise ship. At the same time, in order to meet the IMO's Tier III & EEDI Phase II, the large cruise ship has added 2 scrubbers and SCR system, which is a green cruise ship. Like the first large cruise ship, this cruise ship is equipped with a living and leisure area of up to 16 stories, with a large performing arts center, large restaurants, specialty restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping plazas, art corridors, children's centers, SPAs, water parks and other leisure and entertainment facilities, which can meet all the living and entertainment needs of passengers.


SWS has completed a number of shipyard adaptability transformation projects for the large cruise ship, attracted more than 500 global suppliers across industries and regions, established cooperation with 54 service providers from the United States, Italy and other countries, and jointly developed 3D design software with the world's leading engineering software R&D enterprises and supplier Hexagon PPM, which was successfully applied in the cruise ship for the first time in the world.

The changes in ship type and configuration of the second large cruise ship brought new challenges to the project team. Compared to the first, the design and construction period of the second large cruise ship is shortened by a full 6 months. And SWS needs to re-develop and demonstrate designs as safe return to port, weight control, and fire protection. At present, the detailed design of the second large cruise ship has been completed by about 40%, and the production design model balance and structural production design drawing work have been fully started. In terms of construction, SWS is constantly strengthening production preparations from the aspects of process and construction method innovation, equipment commissioning and talent team construction.

The first Made-in-China large cruise ship officially entered the substantive construction stage on October 18, 2019. At present, the project is progressing in an orderly manner as planned.


SWS has successively carried out research on design, construction and project management on the first large cruise ship, and formed a series of scientific and technological innovation achievements.

Achievement 1:

Developed and applied the new generation shipbuilding management platform “SWS TIME” to realize the informatization and collaborative control of the whole process of design, procurement and site management; developed an integrated mobile application platform, accelerated the efficiency of collaboration, and realized the transformation of mode from “users collect data” to “ready data match users”.

Achievement 2:

Organized the advantageous units in the industry to carry out technical research, and solved key design technologies such as cruise ship weight control, safe return to port, power system, integrated power grid, cabin environment, vibration and noise.

Achievement 3:

Built an intelligent workshop for thin panel production. With the MES system as the core and matched with industrial Internet technology, it has achieved intelligent control of the production line, improved the efficiency and precision management level of segmented construction, and built the capability in serial construction of cruise ship products.


Achievement 4:

Introduced the technology, construction and management capabilities, which accumulated in the field of land hotel engineering, into the field of cruise ship interior decoration engineering. The secondary development of 3D design software has realized the deep integration and application of 3D software in the shipbuilding industry and BIM technology in the construction industry. In July 2022, SWS won the first place in the construction project of the 3rd BIM competition of the engineering construction industry, relying on the application of BIM technology in the interior decoration project of the first large cruise ship.