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SWS Pockets Shipbuilding Contracts of Five 9,000 CEU PCTCs at New Year Turn


Together with her sister company CSTC under CSSC, SWS signed the shipbuilding contracts of five 9,000 CEU PCTCs with Grimaldi Euromed, a subsidiary of Italian Grimaldi via video link recently. The signature helps SWS ramp up its orders of PCTC to 8, further improves the company’s market share of PCTC in the newbuilding market.

This type of vessel is designed by SDARI. With a length of 200 meters, a width of 38 meters and loading capacity of 9,000 CEU(Car Equivalent Unit), the new buildings have been designed to transport electric and fossil fuel vehicles as well as other types of heavy rolling freight (up to 250 tons) . The PCTC is equipped with a new type of electronic engine whose specific consumption is one of the lowest in its category. In addition, the new vessels will have the RINA Ammonia Ready class notation, which certifies that they may be converted for the use of ammonia as an alternative, zero-carbon fuel. They will also be designed for cold ironing with shoreside supply of electricity(where available), which constitutes a green alternative to the consumption of fossil fuels during port stays. Several kinds of energy saving devices like the twisted rudder, the propeller boss cap fins and the energy saving duct are also equipped to further boost its advantages in low energy consumption, green and environmental protection.