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Exceeding one! A 190K DWT dual fuel bulk carrier named “Ubuntu Harmony” delivered


A 190K DWT dual fuel bulk carrier named “Ubuntu Harmony” was successfully delivered by SWS to UMING through signing the delivery documents by mail on December 19th. So far, SWS has once again achieved outstanding results on the basis of completing the annual delivery task one and a half months ahead of schedule, and has delivered a total of 17 vessels+ 1 rig this year,amounting to 3.214M DWT, laying a solid foundation for achieving the new goal in 2023.

“Ubuntu Harmony” is a new generation of dual fuel vessels with notable features such as "green, environmental protection, energy saving, and safety”, of which intellectual property is completely owned by SWS. It is driven by LNG fuel and traditional fuel, and is equipped with two C-type LNG fuel tanks. The fuel gas endurance reaches 20,000 nautical miles, allowing the vessel to complete two round-trip routes from China to Australia or one round-trip route from China to Brazil. Using LNG as fuel, it basically eliminates the emission of particulate matter and sulfide and the EEDI is 45% lower than the baseline.