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Two 190K Dwt Dual fuel bulk carriers built by SWS named virtually same day


“Ubuntu Harmony” and “Ubuntu Equality”, two 190K dwt dual fuel bulk carriers built by SWS for UMING were named virtually on December 8. The naming ceremony was held online in Taipei, Singapore and Shanghai via video link.

The two vessels are a new generation of dual fuel vessels, of which intellectual property is completely owned by SWS. The two vessels are important achievements of SWS's overall transition to build green and low-carbon vessels. The vessel is 299.80 meters long, 47.5 meters wide, 24.70 meters deep, with a design draft of 18.25 meters and a design draft speed of 14 knots and is classified into DNV. It is driven by LNG fuel and traditional fuel, and is equipped with two C-type LNG fuel tanks. The fuel gas endurance reaches 20,000 nautical miles, allowing the vessels to complete two round-trip routes from China to Australia or one round-trip route from China to Brazil. Using LNG as fuel, the vessel has notable features such as "green, environmental protection, energy saving and safety”. It basically eliminates the emission of particulate matter and sulfide and the EEDI is 45% lower than the baseline, meeting the requirements of IMO Tier IV.

SWS actively promotes the application and development of ESG in the whole process of product R&D and construction, and is committed to accelerating the integration into the new development paradigm featuring dual circulation of both domestic and overseas markets and the integration with demand of the international market to boost the enterprise’s green and low-carbon development and transformation. The two new vessels are the fruitful results of SWS' practice of ESG. To peak carbon dioxide emissions and achieve carbon neutrality, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is one of the best alternative fuels at this stage due to relatively stable market supply, great fuel economy and other factors. Earlier, SWS has successfully delivered six large dual fuel vessels in 2022, including the world's first Newcastle dual fuel bulk carrier and Aframax dual fuel oil tanker, and has mastered the construction techniques of dual fuel vessels. Leading in the new shipbuilding field of Capesize bulk carriers, SWS is the first shipbuilding enterprise in the world covering the orders for 180K Dwt, 190K Dwt and 210K Dwt dual fuel bulk carriers.

Green, energy saving, low-carbon and environmentally friendly development have always been in the DNA of SWS. SWS devotes herself to the research and development of new generation environmental protection products after successfully undertaking and delivering multiple dual fuel powered vessels. So far, SWS has already obtained multiple AIP certificates of classification societies in the research and development of dual fuel powered vessels with various alternative fuels (methanol, ammonia, etc.), walking in the forefront of the industry, deeply studying the field of clean fuel, and committed to providing customers with diversified products.