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New Heights in May!SWS Secures New Orders and Delivers One on the Same Day


On May 29th, SWS, a subsidiary of CSSC in collaboration with CSTC, officially signed a contract with Singapore's X-Press Feeders group for the construction of four methanol-ready 11,000 TEU container ships. On the same day, SWS also named and delivered the "X-PRESS PYXIS," the final ship in the series of twelve 7,000 TEU container ships built for X-PRESS. SWS "Red May" campaign continues to achieve impressive results, continuously setting new records.

Newbuild Contract For Four Methanol-Ready 11,000 TEU Container Ship


The methanol-ready 11,000 TEU container ships signed are a new generation of green and environmentally friendly medium-sized container ships independently developed and designed by SWS. These ships, which can carry 11,000 TEU containers, are equipped with scrubbers, windshields, energy-saving devices, and other drag reduction solutions, greatly optimizing speed, saving fuel, and reducing carbon emissions. Notably, SWS has customized the design for the customer, adding a methanol fuel power system on top of the conventional dual-island fuel power design, significantly reducing the cost for the owner to retrofit the ships for green fuel in the future.


As the first domestic shipyard to enter the field of ultra-large container ships construction, SWS successfully secured a contract for such ships in 2013 and delivered the 18,000 TEU container ship "CMA CGM Vasco da Gama" in 2015. It was China's first construction and delivery of an ultra-large container ship, breaking South Korea's monopoly in this field.


In 2020, SWS, with its keen insight into changes in the new ship market, conducted a comprehensive assessment of the ship market and officially entered the 7,000 TEU container ship segment. It subsequently secured 34 orders for 7,000 TEU container ships, ranking among the top in the global niche market. The company has now delivered 21 of these ships, making the 7,000 TEU container ship another flagship product alongside Capesize bulk carriers and Aframax oil tankers, meticulously crafted by SWS.

The 11,000 TEU container ship order further expands the company's product range beyond the existing 7,000 TEU and 9,200 TEU container ship series, solidifying its leading position in the global medium-sized container ship market and providing strong momentum for the company's high-quality development.

Successful Completion of the twelve 7,000 TEU Container Ship Project with the Same Owner


On the day of the contract signing, SWS named and delivered the "X-PRESS PYXIS," the final ship in the series of twelve 7,000 TEU container ships built for this owner.


SWS fully implemented construction planning and tackled technical challenges with remarkable results, ensuring lean production throughout the shipbuilding lifecycle. This led to the "fast, efficient, high-standard, high-quality" shipbuilding process. The average delivery period for each of the twelve ships was nearly eight months ahead of the contract schedule. Since delivering the first 7,000 TEU container ship on June 21, 2023, SWS has continuously delivered 21 such ships, averaging two deliveries per month.