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"X-PRESS PYXIS" named and delivered by SWS


On May 29th, the "X-PRESS PYXIS", the final ship in the series of 7000 TEU container vessels built by SWS, in collaboration with China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., for Singapore’s X-PRESS, was named and delivered. Since the delivery of the first 7000 TEU container vessel on June 21, 2023, SWS has continuously delivered 21 vessels of this type vessel, averaging two deliveries per month!



Congratulation! On May 29th, SWS in collaboration with China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., officially signed a contract with Singapore’s X-PRESS company for the construction of four methanol-ready 11,000 TEU container vessels, which are a new generation of green and environmentally friendly medium-sized container ships independently developed and designed by SWS in response to market demand.


These vessels are based on a conventional dual-island fuel power design and have a reserved methanol fuel power system. They can carry 11,000 TEU containers and are equipped with scrubbers, windshields, and multiple energy-saving and drag reduction solutions, significantly optimizing speed, saving fuel, and reducing carbon emissions.