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SWS made annual delivery task ahead of schedule


A 119K DWT dual fuel (LNG) Aframax POT named “M/V PROTEUS STEPHANIE” was delivered by SWS to BOCOM Leasing on November 16th. As a subsidiary of CSSC, so far, SWS has delivered 16 vessels+1 rig this year, amounting to 3.002M DWT and achieving her delivery task one and a half months ahead of schedule. The tanker was independently designed by SWS. It is 249.95 meters by length, 44meters by molded breadth and 21.4 meters by molded depth. Its designed draught is 13.5 meters, with deadweight of 119K metric ton and a designed speed of 14.5 knots. It is registered into both LR and CCS. By adaptation of new ship line, the vertical ship bow and the energy saving stator, its gas burning mode meets the requirement of TIER III rules and multiple load lines. It is learned that the tanker is the 6th dual fuel vessel delivered by SWS this year and there are still 8 more dual fuel vessels under construction. 2022 is regarded as a harvest year for SWS to enter the construction field of green and low carbon vessels in a whole manner.

Since this year, in face of the stringent pandemic, SWS has resolutely put the spirit of the instruction on “getting the pandemic prevention and control and work and production resumption work well done in an overall way, aiming at the annual task and target without relax, carrying out the work in an innovative way, trying to minimize the adverse effect brought by pandemic, and working hard to complete every annual target and task.”, closely focused on the annual business policy of “consolidating the leading role of the large cruise ship, and enhancing the profitability of merchant vessels and offshore products” and the management theme of “specifying the systems and innovating management and control, solidly put the development strategy of ‘leading by the cruise ship, balancing development of merchant vessels and offshore products’ into implementation, constantly promote digital transformation, information integration and refined management”, comprehensively launched three campaigns as “the decisive battle against the cruise ship, the overcoming battle against dual fuel ships and the opening battle against container vessels,and the production of the cruise ship, merchant vessels and offshore products is advanced together and maintains good momentum.
——The large cruise ship enters an era of “dual ships construction”. The steel cutting of the second built-in-China large cruise ship was officially commenced on August 8th, marking that the Chinese shipbuilding industry has preliminary mastered the core technology on design and construction of the large cruise ship, and the goal of batched and serial construction is just around the corner. Currently, the interior decoration project of the first built-in-China large cruise ship goes in a smooth manner. Public areas like the passenger stairway, the theater, the restaurant at ship’s bow side, and the special restaurant are ready to be sealed by side boards, and the prototype of the inner scene takes shape now.
——SWS delivered the first 209K DWT Newcastle dual fuel bulk carrier “M/V MOUNT TOURMALINE” on January 28th. It is also the first vessel of this type in the world, which SWS completely holds the intellectual property. On March 3rd, SWS delivered its first updated 210K DWT Newcastle intelligent bulk carrier. CCS especially awarded the intelligent (intelligent engine room/Intelligent energy efficiency) ship certificate with the additional “S” (Ship Cyber Security) note to the vessel, making it the first large bulk carrier who obtain the “S” note. A series of breakthroughs entitled the world brand ship type with new notes of “green, environmental-protection, energy-saving, safety and intelligence”, and further consolidated the innovative and leading role of SWS in global large bulk carrier sector.
——The year of 2022 is a crucial year for SWS to step into the fast lane of the “opening match of container vessels”. As another star ship type of SWS, the 7000TEU container vessel has characteristics of high efficiency, economy, green and environmental-protection, which made it widely accepted by the market, and SWS’s orders in hand of this type of ship rank first in the world. Currently, 12 ships have entered construction period in succession after steel cutting, and the bugle call for continuous steel cuttings of container vessels was sounded.
——On January 21st, SWS delivered the third Fast4Ward? generic FPSO. Now the fourth ship has been launched into the water and is scheduled to be delivered in April of next year. The fifth construction order has already come into effect and the ship has already become another brand ship type of China. SWS has been a leading enterprise who is specialized in designing and constructing FPSO in batch.
——On September 7th, SWS delivered a JU2000E Jack-up drilling rig named “SINOOCEAN HARVEST” to China Oilfield Services Limited(COSL). So far, all 3 types as JU2000E, CJ46 and CJ50, totaling 13 jack-up drilling rigs, have been delivered, embodying the strong construction capability of SWS in offshore equipment sector.
——Bountiful fruits were harvested in new ship type development and upgrade of main ship types. At present, SWS has completed the development of new ship types as 210K DWT Newcastle bulk carrier with methanol as fuel, 9.2K dual fuel PCTC, innovative 300K DWT VLCC and so on and won the AIP certificates from relevant classification societies, further enriching her product tree and technology reserve.