Precautions against typhoon "In-Fa" and "Chanthu"

The strong typhoon In-Fa landed twice in Shanghai in this July. According to the important instructions of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on the flood and typhoon prevention work, in accordance with the "Notice on the Adjustment of the Members of the Flood Control and Typhoon Prevention Commanding Headquarter in the Year 2021", SWS activated the relevant work plan in time according to the actual production situation before In-Fa¡¯s landfall.

The flood and typhoon prevention commanding headquarter of SWS organized all departments to act for the first time, fully participate into the typhoon prevention and flood control preparations. Leading cadres at all levels and front-line emergency rescue personnel were on standby, stuck to their posts 24 hours a day, established a strong emergency linkage response network, fully implemented various preventive measures, and ensured SWS to ride out the flood safely.

On July 23, SWS held an emergency work meeting on typhoon "In-Fa" prevention. Zhou Qi, Vice President of SWS, Assistant President Chen Jianwei, Chief Safety Director Wang Jincheng and the heads of relevant departments attended the meeting. The HSE Department publicized the regulations of flood and typhoon prevention and notice issued by Shanghai on typhoon ¡°In-Fa¡± prevention; all departments reported on the progress of their typhoon prevention work respectively.

On the morning of July 26, typhoon "In-Fa" made its second landfall. Wang Qi, SWS Party Secretary and Chairman, Chen Gang, Deputy Party Secretary and President, led an inspection team to key areas including the laser center, dock area, finger pier, flood control wall and the inner side of the first large cruise ship H1508, carefully checked the implementation of emergency drainage, crane fixation, mooring reinforcement, material support, personnel deployment and relevant damaged parts, encouraged everyone to firm confidence, make persistent efforts, continue to carry forward the spirit of fearless of fatigue and continuous fighting, resolutely win the battle against flood and typhoon. Zhou Qi, Vice President of SWS, Yuan Feipeng, Deputy Party Secretary, Wang Jincheng, Chief Safety Director, and members of the company's flood and typhoon prevention commanding office participated in the inspection.

In the Lingang factory, SWS Offshore have also carried out special inspections on flood and typhoon prevention for many times. Xu Jiang, Vice President of SWS Offshore and deputy general commander of flood and typhoon prevention, and Li Kui, Assistant President and deputy general commander of flood and typhoon prevention, led the inspection team and all departments actively participated in. The inspection scope covers the whole factory, and the wharf, 300T, 600T gantry area, the construction site and other areas were put emphasis on. For the focus of flood and typhoon prevention work such as drilling rigs and large cranes, SWS Offshore examined one by one to ensure that unstable objects at site are firmly secured and equipment at site are prevented from being damaged by rainstorm and gale. During the typhoon, the flood and typhoon prevention office of SWS Offshore regularly updated the wind force in the factory area, the personnel on duty of all departments regularly inspected on-site, and the rescue team stuck to their posts all day.

On September 13, typhoon ¡°Chanthu¡± made landfall in Shanghai. Regardless of the gale and rainstorm, SWS attached great importance to risk prevention and acted immediately. All departments responded quickly, actively participated in the front line of flood and typhoon prevention, carried out supervision and inspection, investigated potential safety risks, checked material reserves, strengthened duty attendance and guard, fully implemented various preventive measures, and made every effort to resist against typhoon "Chanthu".

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