SWS released latest VI manual

The enterprise visual identification system (VI) can convey to the social public the corporate concept and corporate culture through standardized and normalized proforma language and systematic visual symbols, which has the function of highlighting the enterprise personality and shaping the corporate image.

In September 2021, the newly revised "SWS Visual Identification System (VI Manual)" was officially released. The revision has been adjusted in accordance with the latest requirements of CSSC.

Since December 2020, according to the VI manual issued by CSSC, the Executives Administration Office has started to organize the relevant departments to rectify the VI signs in the factory, such as the publicity column and posters charged by the CPC Affairs Department, the science and technology building and gantry cranes charged by the Facility Maintenance and Logistics Management Department, and the display area charged by the Executives Administration Office.

On the basis of the original elements, the new VI system combined with the actual application, standardized the combination of elements and application, covering office stationery, publications, advertising, multimedia publication, buildings, conference reception, indoor and outdoor environment instructions, environmental style and other specific items. It can be used for office, conference, publicity, environment and external communication, and is conducive to unify SWS¡¯s internal and external brand image and strengthen the brand influence.

The Executives Administration Office organized all departments to hold a new VI manual release conference in the auditorium of the science and technology building. At the meeting, the Executives Administration Office introduced the content of the new VI manual to every department, and explained the matters needing attention for the use of the new VI. Each department was required to incorporate VI rectification into their daily work plan and make continuous improvement. At the same time, the Executives Administration Office guided SWS Offshore and publicized the new VI.

Enterprise VI is the makeup of an enterprise, representing the corporate brand image. Through the standardized display of VI, the influence, recognition and prevalence degree of "SWS" in the international market will be comprehensively improved, and its brand competitiveness will be continuously enhanced.

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