Cruise interior decoration phase initiated after review

Based on the rules for phase-turning review on the first large cruise ship project of <2+4 Large Cruise Projects Management Methods of CSSC (For Trial Implementation)>, the requirement ofand the guidance of CSSC, SWS organized and convened the outside review meeting on phase-turning of the first large cruise ship and the overall commencement of the interior decoration project on September 2nd.  Xu Xing, deputy chief technical officer, also director of the Cruise Administration Office of CSSC, Nan Daqing, head of the large cruise project expert group of CSSC, Ou Chuanjie, head of outside expert review group and vice president of GSI, and other group members from both relevant departments of CSSC and GSI reviewed the overall commencement and phase-turning of the interior decoration project of the first large cruise ship H1508. Vice president Zhou Qi, assistant president Chen Jianwei, Deputy Chief Technical Officer Guo Yong, Chief Safety Officer Wang Jincheng and other top executives of SWS accompanied the review. Xu Xing hosted the review meeting and the expert group members from both relevant departments of CSSC and GSI attended via video link.

Xu Xing introduced the review plan, the composition of the expert group and the procedures at the meeting. Every department in charge of cruise business of SWS delivered a thematic report in correspondence with the review requirement. After that, the experts reviewed and put forward questions based on the written documents provided by SWS and the report delivered online. Relevant person in charge gave explanations and open reply online.

After review, the expert group unanimously agreed that the written documents and content reported online was full and enough to prove that the large cruise project H1508 had already met the conditions to commence the interior decoration in an overall way. Furthermore, the experts offered several improving suggestions in aspects of safety, quality, plan management and control, and internal and external coordination.

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